ADCA Veritas Law Group was formed with a view to combining the diversity of legal knowledge and expertise of each of the Firm’s Principals order to offer a cost-effective, one stop legal solutions centre while maintaining the sophistication, legal expertise, personal attention, practical approach to problem solving and timely results that clients expect in today’s competitive environment.  At ADCA Veritas Law Group, our clients are assured that their legal issues will be personally handled by one of the Firm’s principals, depending on the area of expertise.

ADCA Veritas Law Group represents clients in the following areas:
  • Administrative and regulatory law matters;
  • Alternate Dispute Resolution;
  • Banking, finance and investment issues;
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency issues;
  • Capital markets matters;
  • Company law, including company secretarial matters;
  • Commercial law and transaction-related matters;
  • Contract law issues, including negotiations, drafting and amendments;
  • Corporate matters;
  • Employment and Labor law matters;
  • Energy law;
  • Family law matters including adoptions, probate and wills;
  • Immigration issues, including work permit-related applications;
  • Intellectual property law;
  • Litigation at the District Courts, High Courts and Courts of Appeal throughout Tanzania;
  • Maritime issues;
  • Mining and minerals law;
  • Partnership issues;
  • Real Estate including acquisition/dispositions of property, and lease preparation;
  • Tax issues;
  • Technology-related matters; and
  • Telecommunications law.

   As a full service law firm, ADCA Veritas Law Group is divided into two general areas: contentious and non-contentious matters.  Contentious matters are generally handled by two of the Firm’s Principals, Messrs. Byamungu and Nkuba, respectively.  The Firm’s other two Principals – Mrs. Malekano and Mr. Dinani – are normally responsible for non-contentious matters.  This delineation, however, is for organization purposes only, and the Principals endeavor to discuss all client matters with each other to not only inform the Firm’s members about their assignments, but also to seek their respective opinions relating to such matters.  This collaborative approach ensures that the client receives sound and practical advice based on the Firm ’s collective and varied legal experiences, and not just theoretical juxtapositions of the law.  If necessary, the Firm will discuss the matter in general terms while maintaining client confidentiality either with other practitioners or with the relevant government body to ensure the appropriateness of the advice furnished to a client. 

   As trained and experienced lawyers, the Firm understands the attendant legal risks faced by businesses generally.  However, it is foolhardy to suggest that even the most astute of legal counsel fully understands each client’s operations. Therefore, in order to fully comprehend each client’s business, ADCA Veritas Law Group endeavors to interview (and if necessary, re-interview) the client to learn more about its industry, its business model, its past experiences, service expectations, and setbacks in order to better serve the client.  Equipped with such information, the Firm is better placed to represent the client by gauging its legal and business concerns in order to provide robust, proactive, multi-disciplinary legal solutions to the client’s business operations.

   ADCA Veritas Law Group emphasizes the importance of communication in providing the quality of service, reliability and professionalism expected by its clientele in today’s competitive marketplace.

   ADCA Veritas Law Group remains committed to providing all its clients with superior legal services in a cost-efficient and timely manner while maintaining open lines of communication to ensure that the quality of service and professionalism expected remains constant.